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Like the sun

zay el shams

Added by : hana mahmoud

Director: hana mahmoud

Editor: hana mahmoud

Art Director: adham el helaly, mazin helal


1. Best film: Ismailia international film festival
2. Best film: Cairo short film festival
3. Best Script: Cairo Short film festival
4. Best sound design: Cairo short film festival

Offical Selection

1. Ismailia international film festival
2. Cairo short film festival
3. Jeffna international film festival
4. Arab short film festival

Short Synopsis (Original)

"ساختفي و لن تروني مره اخره" بهذة الكلمات اختفي معلمي بدون اثر، و لكني لم اتوقف عن البحث لثلاث ثنوات

Long Synopsis (Original)

زي الشمس فيلم عن احداث حقيقية. قصة استاذي في الجامعة، وهو مصور حروب... اختفى منذ ثلاث سنوات. بحثت عنه طويلاً في كل مكان ولم أجد له أثر. كدت اشك في وجوده وأمضى بحياتي ولكن بعد سنة عثرت على تسجيلات صوتية قديمة لمحاضراته. وبدأت رحلة البحث من جديد... صوته الم

Short Synopsis (English)

“I will be gone, and you’ll never see me again” and with those words my mentor disappeared without a trace. Yet I, his youngest student, could not stop searching for him for three full years.

Long Synopsis (English)

Like the Sun is a true story about my professor who was a war documentary filmmaker. He suddenly disappeared three years ago without a trace. I have been trying to find him ever since. One year after his disappearance, I found archived audio recordings of his lectures and little did I know about all the surprising clues I found in them.

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