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Major Tom

الرائد طوم

Added by : Khaled Medhat Moeit

Director: Khaled Medhat Moeit

Producer: Khaled Medhat Moeit

Writer: Khaled Medhat Moeit

Editor: Khaled Medhat Moeit


Shady Abdulsalam Award - Egyptian National Cinema Center
Best Film - Zawya Short Film Festival
Special Mention - Alexandria Short Film Festival
Jury Award - Mastdotbokra Short Film Festival
Director’s Circle Award - Poppy Jasper International Film Festival
Best Director - Visions Cairo Short Film Festival
Best Editor - Visions Cairo Short Film Festival
Second Best Film - Visions Cairo Short Film Festival




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Short Synopsis (Original)

Short Synopsis (English)

Thomas is stopped by his Father from going to space, his girlfriend hates him but his French sex icon doesn't.

Long Synopsis (English)

Thomas’s french sex icon tells the story of him trying to achieve his dreams while struggling from his father. Thomas’s loneliness led to a lack of communication skills which made him use his walkman to describe his feelings. All these problems stood in the way of him trying to go to Space.

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