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The International Cycling Film Festival was established in December 2005 in Bochum by the chairman of the cycling club Team Hollandse Frietjes – non-professional cycling, Gernot Mühge. The festival launched in September 2006 under the name “International Cycling Video Festival” (German: Internationales Festival des Radsport-Videos). Featured were 17 films from the USA, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The first three festivals took place at “Goldkante”, a club for the local art scene and social-cultural events in Bochum. During these years the festival was arranged as a three-days festival, containing two film evenings at the first two days and ending with a time trial for both cyclists and movie makers at the third day. The laudatory for the Goldene Kurbel in these years was Frank Hörner, director of the Theater Kohlenpott, which is a children and youth theatre in the Flottmann-Hallen, Herne. He facilitated the transfer of the ICFF from Bochum to nearby Herne. . .


Festival Team

Country: Germany

Email info@cyclingfilms.de

Mobile Phone: +49 02 344 38 99 19

Address : Gernot Mühge Schloss Wielert Im Wielert 10 44807 Bochum

Website http://www.cyclingfilms.de/en/


First prize for Best Film "N.I.F.F 2018" Noto International Film Festival

The winner will receive a sculpture of fine workmanship.

Best Director: Prize with plaque
Best Screenplay prize with plaque
Best Cinematography: with license award
Best Editing: with license award
Best Original Soundtrack: with license award
Best Actor: with license award
Best Actress: with license award

May be assigned at the discretion of the jury special mentions, with their grounds also unquestionable: with plaque prize (attended by all categories)
The jury appointed by the organizers of MAGNETIC FILM PRODUCTION will be made up of experts in the field of cinematography, music, and journalism, chaired by film critic Steve Della Casa, viewed on the site www.magneticfilm.it
The judges' decision is final
The jury reserves the right not to award one or more prizes if it considers inadequate works on the relationship of the quality of the festival.