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About World Fest Fest 2020

I AM World Fest Fest 2020

The Fest Fest and its 2020 edition called WORLD FEST FEST (Festival internazionale delle feste) are a “CASA DELFINO” onlus Foundation production. The WORLD FEST FEST 2020 will take place in Cuneo, on Sunday 6 September 2020.

The WORLD FEST FEST promotes the potential of the moving picture as a tool to spread culture and as a social gathering.

The WORLD FEST FEST supportes sperimentation in favour of the expression of the author, audiovisual quality and the new generations' creativity.

The WORLD FEST FEST also aims at the contribution to the quality of the celebrations by hosting events that are especially interesting in many cultural aspects and promoting a constructive dialogue among them. We also want to create a dialogue among different customs and traditions.

The WORLD FEST FEST 2020 contest program is divided in 2 sections:

A selection of the most representative videos of celebrations and social gatherings, with a particular focus on the most interesting ones in terms of origins and making.This section stresses on the shooting process, the capability to emphasize the spirit and the subject of a celebration, capturing its moments and shades, expressing its charm and taking the viewer to its very center.

FEST.FICTION This section is reserved for fiction dealing with the celebration theme.
No documentaries or reportage of celebrations that took place in reality will be therefore admitted.. .


Festival Team

Country: Italy

Email info@fondazionedelfino.it

Mobile Phone: 0171695600

Address : corso nizza 2

Website https://worldfestfest.blogspot.com

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