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I AM The light of the world

Film festival "Light of the world"
"I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not
to walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" (Jn. 8: 12)
International youth film festival "Light of the world" takes place in Yaroslavl region since 2011.
The founder of the Festival is the Rybinsk Diocese of the Yaroslavl Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.
In various cities of the Yaroslavl region shows the picture included in the competition program of the festival, including the "play movie", "documentaries", "Animation", "Movies and programs from local studios and authors", "TV", as well as the main festival nomination, gathered the films and programs about Orthodoxy, which, like the film festival, called "Light of the world".
The aim of the Festival is to promote spiritual, moral, Patriotic and aesthetic education of the modern youth; to show the achievements of young film enthusiasts, promoting traditional moral values and a healthy lifestyle. The festival's films put the viewer a simple but extremely important questions: "what is the meaning of life?" "What is Love?" "What is Happiness?"...
The criteria for rating movies:
- ensure that the objectives of the Festival;
- art and level of performance of the work;
- originality.
Category Of The Competition.
- Category A: children's collectives and separate authors. The age of the participants not older than 18 years (at the time of the making of the film);
- Category B: youth groups and individual authors. The age of the participants was from 19 to 35 years (at the time of the making of the film).
e-mail: kinofest-svetmiru@mail.ru
The group "Contact": http://vk.com/svetmiru2013
Vice-Chairman of the Festival Archpriest Evgeny Glazunov +79038213716 evgenglaz@yandex.ru
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Festival Team

Country: Russian Federation

Email kinofest-svetmiru@mail.ru

Mobile Phone: +79038213716

Address : 152901 Russia Yaroslavl oblast Rybinsk Krestovaya 7


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