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About International film festival of Asian-Pacific counries "Pacific Meridian"

I AM International film festival of Asian-Pacific counries "Pacific Meridian"

The Pacific Meridian is the annual International Film Festival of Asian Pacific countries, established in 2003. The festival is held annually in early autumn in Vladivostok, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan.

The festival in Vladivostok
Vladivostok has a very unusual history: in the tsarist times it was an open port and the city-fortress, in the Soviet times it had the status of the military base and closed city, and today it is on the way to becoming a free port again. Vladivostok is the city that is sure to become a hub, connecting Europe and Asia, a place where every year the international cinematic community meets to share its best films.
The Pacific Meridian is a significant cultural event in the Far East, a great excuse to explore the Pacific Russia. Cinema is the most powerful and accessible art form, through which the festival introduces the audiences to contemporary culture. The festival supports the positive development of relations of local, national and Asian filmmakers. The festival always presents only the best and unique films. The Pacific Meridian venues are where new projects emerge, filmmaking professionals meet the audiences, and young directors and actors find recognition.
For 14 years of its work the film festival has shown about 2,000 movies, seen by more than a million spectators. Every year the festival brings together film professionals (actors, directors, producers and film critics) from around the world, attracting audiences from other Russian regions and enables young people to gain practical experience by participating in organizing the festival.
Throughout each year, the festival team works on organizing this international cultural event, and the preparation is carried out from the end of the current festival, and till the beginning of the next. By the time of the festival opening more than 100 people, including volunteers, participate in the work of different venues of the film forum.. .


Festival Team

Country: Russian Federation

Email office@pacificmeridianfest.ru

Mobile Phone: 7 423 2302074

Address : 49, Svetlanskaya St., Vladivostok, 690091, Russia

Website http://pacificmeridianfest.ru

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