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About NIFF LONDON -New Indie Film Festival of London

I AM NIFF LONDON -New Indie Film Festival of London

NIFF LONDON is a film and Television festival that aims to promote the distribution of works by independent authors and productions. We know the great work that is done to find the funds to be able to shoot a film, short film or feature film.
By independent films we mean those productions that have been made mainly with private funds, facilities and state contributions or sponsors. We accept, however, films produced with investments of majors or television broadcasters not exceeding 20% of the budget, this to support works of directors and productions that have been able to realize their works also thanks to the help of television broadcasters or film majors. Our festival includes an extended participation in all the cinematographies and themes that can be varied but we do not accept works that can have racist, sexual, anti-religious content or that can still offend the human person. We have provided various sections with related prizes that will be awarded with a double vote formed by the jury of the festival and the votes that the participating films will receive through our Youtube channel. In addition to the numerous awards the best feature and best short film will be proposed in a movie theater in London and Rome (in the event "NIFF London meets Rome") www.nifflondon.co.uk
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Festival Team

Country: United Kingdom

Email info@nifflondon.co.uk

Mobile Phone: +442035296171

Address : Shelton street 71-75 Covent Garden

Website https://www.nifflondon.co.uk

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