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About Firenze FilmCorti Festival

I AM Firenze FilmCorti Festival

The “Associazione di Arte e Cultura Cinematografica Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema”, Florence, Italy, is happy to announce the 5th edition of its International Cinema Contest. The Festival aims at promoting the collaboration and competition between young directors and promotion and circulation of audiovisual works.
Festival is parted in the following periods:
January to May 2018: Public pre-selection of all the submitted film finalised to access the semi-final.
June 15, 16 and 17 Short film competition final event and special guests
June to October: Satellite events.
October 19: Education initiatives for young audience
October 20: Innovative European short movies
October 21: Screenplays competition
All film screened in the Festival days should not be longer than 40 minutes, included film credits:
Screnplays for short film shoul be not longer than 30 pages. Feature Screenplays must be longer than 30 pages.
Deadline for submission for short films: May 20th, 2018. Only works submitted within this dates will be considered. Deadline submission for screenplays: September 21st, 2018.. .


Festival Team

Country: Italy

Email info@rivegauche-festival.eu

Mobile Phone: 3287133951

Address : via Domenico Giuliotti,3

Website https://rivegauche-filmecritica.com/2017/07/18/5th-edition-of-firenze-filmcorti-festival-short-films-directorial-debuts-and-screenplays/

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