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That’s What Happened

أهو ده اللي صار

Added by : Mohamed Kassaby

Director: Mohamed Kassaby

Producer: Mohamed Kassaby


Finalist Film at Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF), US.

Offical Selection

Official Selection Lift-Off Sessions, Pinewood Studios, UK.
Official Selection First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, US.
Official Selection Josiah Media Festival, US.
Official Selection Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh.
Official Selection Starz Play Short Film Competiton, Pakistan.

Short Synopsis (Original)

يحيي، المخرج الذي يعيش في أزمة بعد فشل فيلمه الأول، يبدأ رحلة بحث عن المعني و الجمال في عالمه الخارجي بعد بعض التغييرات المعمارية التي أخدت مكان في الإسكندرية.

Short Synopsis (English)

filmmaker, Yehia, who has existential crisis after the failure of his first film, fails to find beauty and meaning in his outer world as his hometown, Alexandria, is having major constructional changes.

Long Synopsis (English)

While his inner world is diminishing, Yehia is questioning his career path as an Independent filmmaker with rare opportunities. Quitting his own bubble was a huge step, only to find that his beloved city is being demolished and having a re-construction, while it's essence is loss through the way.

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