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The builders


Added by : Rahala Production & Distribution

Director: Naji Ismail

Producer: Naji Ismail


Radwan El- Kashef Prize for best film reflecting African issues, LAFF 2017.
Jury special mention, LAFF 2017.

Offical Selection

Official selection, Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), 2016.
Official selection, Luxor African Film festival (LAFF), 2017.

Short Synopsis (Original)

Short Synopsis (English)

Lifelong friends Ibrahim and Abd Elnaeem, who move from South Egypt to Cairo to work as builders. Both sharing a small room and splitting the rent with a new joiner named Saleh who wishes to befriend them, the pair soon fight over payment disputes, which quickly escalates, as Ibrahim suddenly finds himself killing his old companion. Unable to cope with the violent episode, Saleh abandons the apartment, leaving Ibrahim by himself. Haunted by his brutal actions, Ibrahim has sinister hallucinations that Abd Elnaeem is still present in the claustrophobic room.

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