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Short Synopsis (Original)

الفتاة التي تذهب ضحية التعصب الأعمى دون ذنب

Long Synopsis (Original)

يعيش سامي حالة من اضطراب الشخصية الحدية الذي يرغمه على تذكر حادثة قديمة، إذ قام بقتل أخته عندما كان طفلاً صغير، وذلك بتحريض من عمه الجشع واتهامه لأخته بالفاحشة، ووفقاً لمفاهيم مجتمعه فقد كان مرغماً على ما يسمى بالقتل بداعي الشرف وغسل العار، فينتهي به المط

Short Synopsis (English)

The girl who falls victim to bigotry without guilt

Long Synopsis (English)

Sami suffers from borderline personality disorder, which forces him to recall an old incident, He killed his sister when he was a little boy, And that was instigated by his greedy uncle and accusing his sister of obscenity, According to the concepts of his society, he was forced to commit what is called honor killing, He ends up in extreme isolation after discovering his sister's innocence, He tortures himself to get rid of this memory, will he succeed?

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