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First day of school

اليوم الاول في المدرسة

Added by : Aram abdulrahim

Director: Aram abdulrahim

Producer: aram abdulrahim

Editor: Aram abdulrahim

d.o.p: Aram abdulrahim


o Jury Mention from Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2019, France.




Offical Selection

o Offecail selected in Sharjah Film platform Festival 2019, UAE .
o Offecail selected in 3d Sylhet film festival 2019, Bangaladish.
o Offecail selected in Safe Community International Short film Festival 2019, Iran .
o Offecail selected in Mashta Al Helou Seventh Festival For Art & Culture 2019, Syria.
o Offecail selected in FCKEF ,Short Film Festival at Kef 2019, Tunisia.
o Offecail selected Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2019, France.

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Short Synopsis (Original)

الحرب في سوريا في عيون طفلين ، عند الذهاب إلى المدرسة في اليوم الأول ، وكيف يتقاطع مصيرهم مع بعضهم البعض.

Short Synopsis (English)

The war in Syria in the eyes of two children,when going to school in their first day, and how their fate Intersects with each other.

Long Synopsis (English)

, The war in Syria from the point of view of two children when they go to school, and how the child faces difficulties to get to school because he dreams to be like the rest of the students, but he died as a result of the collapse of the building on him, the girl is receiving slap of the result of the poor educational reality.

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