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About 41st Elche International Independent Film Festival

I AM 41st Elche International Independent Film Festival

Elche International Independent Film Festival turns 41. It is the 12th oldest in Spain. He is a contributor to the Goya Awards of the Spanish Film Academy and Festival Recommended by the Association of the Short Film Industry in Spain for 2018.

In this 41th Edition we have as one of the main novelties to differentiate authors by profiles. We know that no two authors are the same and so we give you the freedom to participate as you want. In each profile there is a prize: you decide. And that's why this year we have increased the economic value of the awards.

We want the public in our city to discover the talents that will never reach theaters alone. If you are one of those selected your short film will be seen by a demanding jury and by a loyal audience. Every day we are accompanied in the city of Elche thousand people who want to see the best works of independent cinema.

There is also the online visualization. The official website of the Festival www.festivalcineelx.es is an advanced tool. If you want your short film to be seen in open mode the page can be used to watch short films, comment them, share them on social networks and vote them.

If you want your short film to be seen only by the jury, only they will see it. It's up to you.

This year we have reached an agreement with the Video on Demand (VOD) platform Filmin. All the short films that are selected for the Official Selection and give their consent may be shown on this platform between July and August 2018.

FICIE is committed and wants authors to be able to start receiving financial rewards for their short films. All information and rules for this edition are available at www.festivalcineelx.es/bases and also at https://es.scribd.com/document/375840786/41st-Elche-International-Independent-Film-Festival-Contest-Rules

We hope that this year you enjoy this edition and that you find your site to be with us.

Thanks! . .


Festival Team

Country: Spain

Email festivalelche@cajamediterraneo.es

Mobile Phone: +34 966012558

Address : Cases Mare de Deu street


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