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1. Best Cinematography (National)
2. Best Cinematography (International)
3. Best Debut Director (National)
4. Best Debut Director (International)
5. Best Editing (National)
6. Best Editing (International)
7. Best Music Video (National)
8. Best Music Video (International)
9. Best Advertisement Film (National)
10. Best Advertisement Film (International)
11. Best Short Film (National)
12. Best Short Film (International)
13. Best Student Film (National)
14. Best Student Film (International)
15. Best Documentary (National)
16. Best Documentary (International)
17. Best Subjective Film (National)
18. Best Subjective Film (International)
19. Best Animation Film (National)
20. Best Animation Film (International)
21. Best Science Fiction (National)
22. Best Science Fiction (International)
23. Best Actor Male (National)
24. Best Actor Male (International)
25. Best Actor Female (National)
26. Best Actor Female (International)
27. Best Direction (National)
28. Best Direction (International)
29. Jury Award
30. Audience Choice Award


As per festival policy, Jury will be disclosed in Festival's Award Ceremony.

Offical Selection