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Crossing The Screen Award – Best Feature Film: The Leveling (Hope Dickson Leach)

Special Jury Award: The Blood (Rajesh Touchriver)

Special Mention Directing (Feature): Thugocracy (FGKO)

Crossing The Screen Award – Best Overall Short Production: Home (Daniel Mulloy)

Best Narrative Short Film: Samedi Cinema (Mamadou Dia)

Best Documentary Short Film: One Punch – The Eddie Copeland Story (Simon Rasing)

Best Animation Short Film: To Build a Fire (FX Goby)

Special Mention Animation: A War to End no Wars (Ruth Coggins)

Best Experimental Short Film: Urban Audio Spectrum (Marina Schnider)

Best Student Short Film: Cloud Kumo (Yvonne Ng)

Best Sussex Short Film: A Lighthouse in Breaking Waves (Cheryl White)


Tim Marriott, Pippa Cross, Richard Melman, Ri Chakrabortty, Jo Southwell, Alexandre Athané

Offical Selection


Afterwards (Canada 2017) by Noël Mitrani
Breadcrumbs (Uruguay / Spain 2016) by Manane Rodriguez
Mist (Mexico 2017) by Max Zunino
Once There Was A Girl (Israel 2016) by Natalie Kaplan
Scaffolding (Israel / Poland 2017) by Matan Yair
The Blood (India 2017) by Rajesh Touchriver
The Candidate (Uruguay / Argentina 2016) by Daniel Hendler
The Levelling (UK 2016) by Hope Dickson Leach
The White King (UK 2016) by Alex Helfrecht, Jörg Tittel
Thugocracy (France 2016) by FGKO
Withered Green (Egypt 2016) by Mohammed Hammad


A Drowning Man (Denmark / UK / Greece 2017) by Mahdi Fleifel
A Gentle Night (China / France 2017) by Qiu Yang
Abacus (Spain 2016) by Max Larruy
Aurora (Spain / Czech Republic 2017) by Diego Fandos
Carols (Greece 2016) by Thanos Psichogios
Chudala (India 2016) by Maaria Sayed
Gaze (Iran / Italy 2017) by Farnoosh Samadi
Half A Man (Croatia / France 2016) by Kristina Kumrić
Home (UK / Kosovo 2016) by Daniel Mulloy
Howls (UK 2017) by Catriona MacInnes
Lucid (USA 2016) by Andrew Greco, James Cates
Maria Bonita (Mexico 2016) by Amanda de la Rosa
Mrs. Nebile's Wormhole (Germany / Turkey 2016) by Pinar Yorgancioglu
Padlock (UK 2016) by Ben S. Hyland
Perfect Darkness (Belgium 2016) by Maaike Neuville
Pillow (UK 2017) by Orson Cornick
Popoff (Spain 2017) by Domingo de Luis
Rattled (UAE 2016) by Jaafar AlMadhoon
Review (Brazil 2017) by Filipe Mello
Samedi Cinema (Senegal 2016) by Mamadou Dia
She And The Window (Spain 2017) by Miguel Ángel Mejías
Soldier Bee (UK 2016) by Alex Hardy
The Box Of Your Life (Spain 2016) by David F Vega
The Courtesy Of Angels (France 2016) by Valérie Théodore
The Distance Between (UK 2016) by Aimie Willemse
Time To Pay Off Debts (Spain / USA 2016) by Conrad Mess
USB (Ecuador 2017) by Santiago Proaño
Valparaiso (Italy 2016) by Carlo Sironi


A Lighthouse In Breaking Waves (UK 2016) by Cheryl White
Autumn Patrol (UK 2016)  by Robert Cohen
Coastal Drift (UK 2017) by John Barlow
Harry Bot 9000 (UK 2016) by Seb Cox
Ellen: A Portrait of my Mind (UK 2017) by Steven Lancefield
Long Drive Home (UK 2016) by Michael Berwick
Promised Land (UK 2016) by Stephanie Grainger, Ray Burnside
The Captain's Daughter (UK 2016) by Tony Fox
We Are Not A Muse (UK 2016) by Glyn Carter


At the Sight of Time, From Palma Street (Mexico 2016)  by Octavio D. Rodríguez Juárez
Breakfast With Pills (Spain 2016) by Zac73dragons
Dad's Cinema (France 2016) by Jérémie Attard
Hartom (UAE 2016) by Arkus
Making It Through (UK 2017) by Richard Slater
Meryem (Netherlands 2017) by Reber Dosky
Neither Two, Nor Four (Spain 2016) by Sergi Gonzalez
One Breath: A Life Without Gravity (UK / Spain 2017) by Sebastian Solberg
One Punch - The Eddie Copeland Story (UK 2017) by Simon Rising
Sabine's Nursery (Germany 2016) by Manuel Rees
The Bus Trip (Sweden 2016) by Sarah Gampel
The Trip Of The Book (Spain 2017) by Dani Millá
The Way Of Patachin (Mexico 2016) by David Ferreira
The Wall (Turkey 2016) by Mustafa Koray Polat
The World's Longest Pub Crawl (UK 2017) by Ross Harrison


A War To End No Wars (UK 2017) by Ruth Coggins
Catastrophe (Netherlands 2017) by Jamille van Wijngaarden
Child (Germany 2016) by Iring Freytag, Viktor Stickel
Dormant (UK 2017) by Beck Williams
Kcloc (USA 2017) by Ninaad Kulkarni
My Mum’s Bonkers (South Africa 2017) by Naomi van Niekerk
ninetofive (UK 2017) by Lee Charlish
One Too Many (UK 2016) by Sinead Stoddart
Tailor (Brazil 2017) by Calí dos Anjos
The Servant (Iran 2017) by Farnoosh Abedi
The Way (Uruguay 2017) by Augusto Goicoechea
To Build A Fire (UK 2016) by FX Goby


A Dialogue Of Dissonance (USA 2016) by Kalpana Subramanian
Berlin: Alexanderplatz (Germany / UK 2017) by Mark Nelson
Call Of Cuteness (Germany 2017) by Brenda Lien
Centaur (Argentina 2017) by Nicolas Suarez
Control (UK 2016) by Aimie Willemse
Energy (Germany 2017) by Martin Gerigk
Green Screen Gringo (Netherlands / Brazil 2016) by Douwe Dijkstra
Ocean's Memory (France 2015) by Bertrand Guerry, Thibaut Ras
One Who Looks (UK 2015) by Andrew Simpson, Samuel Johns
Rain (Germany 2017) by Martin Gerigk
Scars (Denmark 2017) by Jonas Nørgaard Rasmussen
There's More Than One Way To Skin A Man (USA 2017) by Emma Penaz Eisner
Trio (Canada 2016) by John Graham
Urban Audio Spectrum (Germany / Switzerland 2016) by Marina Schnider


Adaptation (Poland 2016) by Bartosz Kruhlik
Buck (Austria 2016) by Bernhard Wenger
Cloud Kumo (USA / Japan 2016) by Yvonne Ng
FIFO (Belgium 2017) by Sacha Ferbus, Jeremy Puffet
Forest Of Echoes (Austria 2016) by Maria Luz Olivares Capelle
Freeze (Singapore /  Taiwan 2016) by Nelicia Low
Hard Way - The Action Musical (Germany 2017) by Daniel Vogelmann
Hilde (Germany / Austria 2016) by Felix Knoche
Little Shop (Germany 2016) by Constantin Jahns
Lost In Hope (Germany / Austria 2016) by Aline Hochscheid
One Up (USA 2016) by Eimi Imanishi
Next (Russia 2016) by Elena Brodach
Payday (Germany 2017) by Felix Kempter
Man (Indonesia 2016) by Yudho Aditya
Revolve (UK 2016) by Ka Ki Wong
The License (Germany / France 2017) by Nora Fingscheidt
The Transfer (Germany / Israel 2017) by Michael Grudsky
Wolf's Skin (Belgium 2016) by Louise De Groef
Zu Gast Bei Freunden (Switzerland 2017) by Luisa Ricar