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An Italian Filmaker, Cecilia Zambello won the 2014 Festival edition by the film “Clorofilla tace”.
A Mexican filmaker, Roberto Valdes, with his film “Algien”, won the 2015 edition.
The 3rd Edition of the Festival (2016) has been won by an Italian filmaker, Enrico Le Pera, who submitted an American film, “Lulù and the right words”.
Finally the 4th edition of our Festival has been won by a Chinese filmmaker from Macau. His awarded film was “Crash”.


– Enrico Le Pera – President (Director, winning of the III Firenze FilmCorti Festival)
– Astrid De Berardinis (Vice.president Paranount Europa)
– Giuseppe Rossi (Sales manager CBS Europa)
– Gianluca Russo (Director RAI MOVIE)
– Enrico Pazzi (Independent journalist and speaker)
– Federico Ferrandina (Song writer)

Offical Selection

Jury will select films for 5° Firenze FilmCorti Festival next June 2018