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I AM Fem Tour Truck

Fem Tour Truck is an international and itinerant Feminist video-art festival that begins in February 2016 and continues until today, having become a biennial proposal, but with a constant journey, year after year. An initiative to recover the public space, the squares of the cities and towns, where performances, workshops and videos are screened in the call, which in its first edition received 327 videos and 50 proposals of performing arts.

The festival is an abnormal cultural practice where a truck runs through different countries to settle in a square and generate a space for exhibitions, meetings, debate and collaborations beyond the proposals of the institution and curved aesthetics, to be able to reach those people and places where art, feminism and culture programming does not usually arrive. The objective is to talk about feminisms from art, from humor, from the everyday, from the margins, to make this festival a tool capable of questioning the social and cultural meaning of artistic practices as generators of critical thinking.

The International Festival of feminist videoart Fem Tour Truck, opens call for reception of videos for its second edition, that will take place from June 2018 in different cities of Spain, Portugal, UK, Ecuador and Colombia (other countries to be confirmed).

Fem Tour Truck is aimed at representing the non commercial and curved way of looking of the artists through their video works. The festival speaks about feminisms in the fight, without dramas, since violence calls for violence, the target is to show women empowerment, other ways of looking at those who have no voice, the curve aesthetics and the abnormal cultural practices.

With the objective of promoting artistic practices reclaiming gender fight and generating critical thinking, the call is made for three different categories: action-video, viedeoart, and shortfilm, willing to approach feminisms to citizenship, to regain public spaces and to generate encounters. The videos should generate a reflection about the system; about the classic paradigms of society, culture or art, arising the questioning of context and provoking the viewer.

A prize of 1000$ will be awarded in each category to the video representing more closely the festival’s ideals. A jury of experts will meet to define which are the selected videos within the parameters of creativity, coherence and realization.
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Festival Team

Country: Spain

Email femtourtruck@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +34 665759495

Address : Jacinto Quincoces 11

Website http://www.femtourtruck.com

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