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About Festival des cinémas arabes à Paris

I AM Festival des cinémas arabes à Paris

The Festival of Arab Cinema in Paris

The Arab World Institute in Paris, cross-discipline space for the development of cultural
projects, in collaboration with institutions, creators and thinkers from the Arab world, will be
hosting The Festival of Arab Cinema between June 28th and July 8th, 2018. A cultural bridge
between France, Europe and the Arab World; open for feature films, documentaries and short
films signed by Arab directors.

The festival’s program will articulate around different thematics: competition, discovery,
homage, etc... This will be accompanied by script writing workshops, cinematic gathering and
Competition registration best before March 15th, 2018. .


Festival Team

Country: France

Email festivalcinemarabe@imarabe.org

Mobile Phone: 033140513877

Address : 1 rue Fosse Saind Bernard, Place Mohammed V

Website https://www.imarabe.org/fr/actualites/cinema/2017/festival-des-cinemas-arabes-a-paris

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