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About Cine Curtas Lapa Festival

I AM Cine Curtas Lapa Festival

Cine Curtas Lapa is an independent, non-profit festival with free admission.

The Festival aims to show films to promote the audiovisual industry in Brazil, especially short films, in the neighborhood of the most traditional night in Rio, Lapa neighborhood. The idea is to bring to the public of Lapa a selection of short, medium and feature films that enrich the cultural life of this bohemian neighborhood.

There will be a popular vote and a professional jury for short films. The winner of each category will receive a certificate and a trophy festival. There will be no cash prizes.. .


Festival Team

Country: Brazil

Email cinecurtaslapa@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: 55-21-98469-9407

Address : Rua Vinte e Quatro de Maio, 859/401, 20.950-092, Engenho Novo,

Website http://cinecurtaslapa.webs.com/

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