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About APOX film festival

I AM APOX film festival

The APOX Film Festival wants to become a film festival, which, unlike others, will be separated by the
way of presentation of films, a different program and orientation on the promotion of the culture of
the island of Losinj and everything else that the island offers. Attract as many external directors as
you like, and become synonym of quality documentaries in this area. The concept itself is to promote
the museum gallery spaces of the island of Lošinj and therefore contribute not only to the foreign,
but also to the locals realize the values that we have and values worth looking at. Within the
museums gallery area of the island of Losinj (Museum Gallery area Kula-Veli Lošinj, Fritzy Palace
Museum, the Museum of Apoxyomenos) will be presented films from the domain of documentary
and documentary feature films. During the premiere and opening of the festival to be opened in the
Museum of Apoxyomenos, the red carpet for VIP guests of the festival will be planned, and before
the first film by the mayor and representatives of the Association will be presented the program of
the Festival and all Logged on to the festival itself. All participants, viewers and representatives will
receive a specially designed festival program with a maintenance schedule and a short description of
each film individually. For the purpose of the better presentation of the festival, a final concert will
be organized at the end of the festival and the award ceremony on the stage in Veli Lošinj. It is also aimed at giving children an option to
experience the thrill of making a film through film workshops and that the films parents, as well as
viewers, have the opportunity to see on the big canvas. Also the goal is to provide additional
promotion of apoxyomenos, through the promotion through the APOX Film Festival and the award in
the form of the Apoxyomenos statue of the island of Lošinj. Together we can achieve this project,
which can be brought into a relatively low financial construction and thus ensure further stability of
this event, which is not nearby, which will certainly inspire people to orientate with new fans
Possibilities of culture and familiarity with the cultural and historical heritage of the island of Lošinj.. .


Festival Team

Country: Croatia

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Address : Zadbone 16

Website http://www.apoxfest.com

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