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I AM Accra Indie Filmfest

Accra Indie Filmfest (AiF) warmly welcomes you to an electrifying weekend filled with the highest quality of short films that are all independently created and carefully selected from all across the world and held at the central capital of the Republic of Ghana, Accra.

Accra is the capital of the Republic of Ghana and the central hub for urban culture. Accra is and remains the biggest city for the growing Ghana film industry as well as the habitat for most locally and internationally produced films from Ghana. It is one of the greatest wombs for arts and entertainment in West Africa. It has successfully positioned itself as a conducive zone for multiculturalism and artistic exhibitions.

We boldly carry the indie tag not because we are not aware that almost all African filmmakers operate from an independent front but because we understand the struggles of the independent filmmaking and it is within that struggle that our strength is rebuilt and even made stronger. AiF is created as a revolutionary platform for the independent young and not so young filmmakers across the world to explore the diversities of telling our own stories. We embrace and celebrate the struggles that come with being an independent filmmaker.

Major Film industries are built on a solid foundation which demands consistent practice for growth and development. One amazing avenue for learning and creative development in filmmaking is by the production of short films. Short film productions give the emerging filmmakers enough creative space to explore their artistry.

Accra Indie Filmfest (AiF) is an international short film festival created to provide the needed platform in order to amplify the required attention for emerging filmmakers to be trained through organized workshops and to showcase their creative films to the rest of the world.

AiF have the special spot for emerging filmmakers because the responsibility of changing the African stories on the face of the world lies in the hands of the young filmmakers. Hence we are here to identify, harness, support and to celebrate all these young filmmakers who are specially gifted in different ways of storytelling to explore and bring about diversities in storytelling.

There are workshops and masterclasses moderated by local and international industry experts to equip young filmmakers with the business of film making as well as the ever growing industry standards and revolutions. Education is always key to stay updated and AiF takes priority of that.

There is an exclusive round-table discussion called “Filmmakers Connect” which focuses on the future and growth of the African cinema. This is open to both local and international filmmakers. This is intended to foster possible co-production avenues and creative projects from a common front since knowledge regarding other cultures are shared.

The weekend packed festival also comes with musical concerts for emerging musical artists as a platform to showcase their creative abilities as well as cementing the cordial relationship between music and film.

Film screenings come with Questions and Answers. This is because, we care about the films being screened at the festival as well as the makers of the films. Networking is one of our greatest assurances. This is because, the gateway to future co-productions and extra knowledge exchange will be achieved through this “meet and greet”.

With these goals and vision as the core foundation of the festival, Accra Indie Filmfest (AiF) carefully select its events strategically to build and rejuvenate the passion and drive for independent and young filmmakers in the production of short films. We deem it mandatory to provide an avenue for the young and vibrant filmmakers to find the need to explore and create beyond limits.

Accra Indie Filmfest (AiF) is here to serve and celebrate YOU!
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