About Us

I am a film is a submission platform that connects filmmakers to film festivals and gives the chance for filmmakers to send their films to festivals that are applicable to their films

I am a film is a social network for filmmakers and film festivals each user create a profile with all their information and for filmmakers they can share the old ( public films ) for each one to watch them and know all information about the film from the film’s page

Through the map any one can discover new filmmaker and/or new film festivals and click to go to their profiles

Also film festivals can put their old editions lists from my edition to appear on their profiles

I am a film is the first submission platform in the Arab world, Africa

I am a film presents more services for filmmakers like creating dcp and/or blu-ray

Every Profile for a film maker of a film festival will have a special Url (for example www.iamafilm.com/yourname ) that you can send it and it contains all your information and films

138 Tahrir Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt | 00201222848061 | info@iamafilm.com