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About The Palace International Film Festival

I AM The Palace International Film Festival

The Palace International Film Festival (PIFF) is a strand of The Palace Artist Residency held every year in a 700 year old palace in Southern Poland. As a grassroots film festival, we provide the filmmaker with a unique space and community to exhibit their work whilst also giving access to the artist residency and the various opportunities it provides to connect and create.

All types of films are welcome as long as the filmmaker understands the shared vision of The Palace Artist Residency. Our film festival is about bringing together filmmakers and artists from diverse backgrounds, elevating experimentation and creating conversations with the residents. The film festival strays from being an audience focussed festival


​- Provide a unique community and space for the filmmaker to make creative connections

- Celebrate and discover emerging talent

- Nurture a creative community that will forge future collaboration for non commercial filmmakers

- Appreciate film on an equal level with a unique and intimate exhibition space

- Connect with The Palace Artist Residency community, sharing our skills and knowledge. .


Festival Team

Country: Poland

Email harry@thepalacearts.com

Mobile Phone: +447724599403

Address : The Prince Bishops Palace Otmuchov

Website https://www.palacefilmfest.org

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