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peter Fouad Labib's Biography

Peter Fouad Labeeb, a 37-year-old filmmaker from Egypt. I am interested in Arts, studied free critics of theatre and completed a course in cinematographic direction, then turned to the world of media. I traveled to Djibouti and Ethiopia, countries where he was requested to direct a documentary film about the countries. I worked as an executive television director in many programs and short films. My recent work is directing the film “The Window” in 2015; short film “The children have grown up”, which received the Media-Arts for Development “MADEV” award; short film “The mulberry leaf”; short film “The weakest creature”, which received The National Society For Human Rights award; short film “Debo and Deba”; and talk show “Eve” about gender limitation. I want to work more in T.V programs, since I completed a course in T.V Directing from ONA academy; I believe that life is a continuous learning cycle. Music and traveling are some of the things I enjoy doing..

About peter Fouad Labib
I am: peter Fouad Labib
a film: Director
Country: Egypt
Lives in: cairo
Birthdate: 17-1-1981
Email: pop_fouad33@yahoo.com
Phone Number : 01000704171
Address : shoubra
Awards & Achievements:
1. Certificate of Appreciation from the Texas Human Rights Festival USA.
2. Prize of the Art Society for Development "madev"
3."The children have grown up" Best Screenplay Award from Oscar Egypt Festival 2017
4. Best Film Award from the German Human Rights Association GIZ

1. The Window
2. The children have grown up
3. The mulberry leaf
4. The weakest creature
5. Debo and Deba
6. Room 23
7. Mother's Face
8. I am a Girl



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