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After the success of the first edition, IBIZACINEFEST extends horizons with the same initial perspective: To approach the independent film, author and sometimes unpublished cinema that you will not find in the conventional commercial halls.
With this spirit we try to get closer and educate the viewer in this quality cinema.
As a modern Festival, it tries to create a structure that allows the filmmaker to disseminate and even distribute the recorded films and the viewer to approach this world through workshops, film-making and other activities, also for teens and children.

For the filmmakers of the island and Balearic Islands it must be a platform of support and motivation for their work.
Your preselection format first to our website gives rise to the fact that many works are known and disseminated.

The institutional support to the Festival is total:
-Cultura Department of the City Council of Ibiza.
-Culture Council of Ibiza.
-Patronate of Tourism of Ibiza.
-ILLENC - Balearic Islands Film Commission.

This support allows us to have the 2 main auditoriums of Ibiza with great projection quality and suitable venues for all the parallel activities of the Festival.
In this way and format, IBIZACINEFEST is alive all year round and on its website you can consult the new selections and all the info about the 5 Official Sections and how the parallel sections and other activities advance.. .


Festival Team

Country: Spain

Email ibizacinefest@yahoo.com

Mobile Phone: 620434864

Address : Ignasi Wallis 36

Website http://www.ibizacinefest.com

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