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Lawrence Mallinson's Biography

From the 3rd Story Production is primarily a film production and post-production services provider, best known for Saranne Bensusan's stop-motion animation 'The Hunting of the Snark' although the company has recently started to share their distribution experience and provide a distribution service as well..

About Lawrence Mallinson
I am: Lawrence Mallinson
a film: Producer & Distribution/Sales Company
Country: United Kingdom
Lives in: London
Birthdate: 23-7-1976
Email: lawrence@fromthe3rdstoryproductions.co.uk
Phone Number : +44 (0)845 862 2054
Address : Suite 18952, 20-22 Wenlock Road
Awards & Achievements:
Ménage du Trois
Nov2017 Directors Circle Festival of Shorts "Official Selection"
Oct2017 Dead in Decatur "Official Selection"
Oct2017 Tenebra Film Fest “Selección Oficial”
May2017 Carmarthern Bay (BAFTA Qualifying) “Official Selection”
Nicola's Shedim
April2017 Pipa Film Festival, Brazil “Official Selection”
Feb2017 Dorking Film Festival “Official Selection”
Oct2016 Tenebra Film Fest “Selección Oficial”
Sept2016 SouthWay FilmFest “Official Selection”
May2016 Near Nazareth Film Festival “Official Selection“
March2016 RapidLion Film Festival “Official Selection“
Feb2016 North Wales International Film Festival “Official Selection“
Dec2015 Rye International Film Festival “Official Selection“
Oct2015 Exposure short Film Festival “Official Selection“
Mano a Mono
Sept2017 Femme Filmmakers Festival “Official Selection”
April2017 Pipa Film Festival, Brazil “Official Selection”
Oct2016 Maverick Movie Awards “Official Selection”
Nominee “Best Actress” - Sharon Lawrence
Sept2016 Ayr International Short Film Festival “Official Selection”
May2016 Short-filmz.com
“Official Selection”
May2015 Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival
“Official Selection”
Feb2016 North Wales International Film Festival
“Official Selection”
Winner “Best Actor” – Tom Bonington
Nov2015 Oregon Film Awards
"Silver Award"
Nov2015 International Film Festival for Documentary Short and Comedy
"International Award of Merit"
June2015 Selected for Access code Short Film Festival
“Official Selection”
The Hunting of the Snark
April2017 Pipa Film Festival, Brazil “Official Selection”
Feb2017 Annual CPH Film Festival “Official Selection”
Oct2016 Temecula
Oct2016 Maverick Movie Awards
“Winner – Best Animated Feature Film”
“Nominated – Best Director”
“Nominated – Best Editing”
“Nominated –Best Music”
“Nominated – Special Achievement in Art Direction”

Sept2016 Portsmouth International Film Festival
“Winner – Best Animated Feature”
“Nominated – Best Sound Design in an Animation”
Sept2016 Toronto Film Week “Official Selection”
Oct2015 Southway Film Fest "Official Selection"
June2016 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival “Official Selection”
May2016 New Animation & Cartoon Film & Script Festival
“Best Animated Film”
Feb2016 North Wales International Film Festival “Best Animation”
Jan2016 World Animation Awards
“Award of Merit – Best Animated Feature”
Dec2015 California Online Viewers Choice Awards
“Best Animated Narrative Feature Film”
Oct2015 Southway Film Fest "Official Selection"
Oct2015 Russian International Film Festival "Official Selection"
Sept2015 IN.S.A.N.E. animation festival "Official Selection"
Sept2015 London Comic Con and Film Festival "Official Selection"
Aug2015 Fantasmagorical Film Festival, Kentucky
"Best of the Fest - Animated Feature Film"

2017 Ménage du Trois - Producers
2016 Emily's Journey - Producer, Post-production
2015 Nicola's Shedim - Producers, Lawrence Mallinson (director)
2015 The Hunting of the Snark - Producers, Saranne Bensusan (director)
2015 Mano a Mono - Producers, Saranne Bensusan (director)
2014 I am cursed -post-production, distribution
2012 Inevitability - producers



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