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About Festival Internacional de Cine La Picasa

I AM Festival Internacional de Cine La Picasa

The International Film Festival "La Picasa" will be held in the town of Cinco Saltos (Río Negro, Argentina), on 07, 08, 09 and 10 February 2019. The Festival is organized by Linea Sur Cine, the Municipality of Cinco Saltos and with the collaboration of the Province of Río Negro. Ivan Iannamico is in charge of the program, who is also the artistic director of Ficilp. The general direction is in charge of José Sepúlveda. We believe that the cinema is an artistic event, an audiovisual scream which any person can have inside one. And it is necessary to expel it. Anyone can make movies. And we provide for more and more windows of exhibition worldwide to connect films with an audience that needs to be nourished with stories that transform them.. .


Festival Team

Country: Argentina

Email lapicasafestival@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: 01130591982

Address : Av. roca y 25 de mayo

Website http://www.ficilp.com

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