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About International Festival of Environmental Films of Chefchaouen / Morocco

I AM International Festival of Environmental Films of Chefchaouen / Morocco

The Talassemtane Association for the Environment and Development (ATED) since it created in 1996 work in the field of the environment through several projects of which ATED is proud to realize with the population and the local authorities, projects that first place to value the human and material potential and create reliable and sustainable resources through income-generating activities, And in this context and for the citizens attentive to the fate of the planet, the cinema through the films is sometimes a vector of taking of ecological awareness and sustainable development. It is this main role that is entrusted to him at the International Festival of Environmental Films, so that he informs, educates and educates the public about the world as it is, and risks being. Faced with challenges and uncertainties, men react and act.
The environmental film has never been so alive! While we are overwhelmed with images and information, we have never needed real benchmarks as much. We need a cinema that discovers personalities in depth and tries to unravel the complex phenomena of our time.
More and more environmental films present initiatives, attempts, solidarities that want to change things, build a sustainable future and respectful of people and nature. They bring images from all over the world, from the Arctic to the heart of Africa, from today's challenges to the solutions of tomorrow

Our overall goal is to create a space to exhibit, exchange and reflect on communicable ideas through documentary or fictional films that will raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. During 4 days during the month of JUNE, the public will appreciate and be moved by the best environmental films from all over the world.
* Enrich the Moroccan audiovisual field with a complementary space specific to environmental films.
* Develop techniques (especially digital) through the training and organization of workshops for those interested in the city of Chefchaouen, its region, and Morocco.
* Contribute to the integration of the culture of the environment in the social, cultural and artistic events organized in the region of Chefchaouen.
* Bring together cinema, audiovisual and the environment.
* to offer the amateurs of the filmic creation an international meeting for the presentation of their production and the exchange of experiences through:
-presentation of professionally produced documentary films;
-the consecration of the best films and the encouragement of filmic creation;
-the training in workshops supervised by specialists (editing-scenario-shooting ...);
-the debate and the exchange of ideas around the aspect of the environment.
* Contribute to the promotion of the documentary film on the national and international environment
* Contribute to the diffusion of the documentary culture on the environment
* Inform and educate the general public about eco-citizenship and sustainable development around screenings, meetings, events and debates.. .


Festival Team

Country: Morocco

Email mohasettar@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +212667316201

Address : Quartier Ain Haouzi B.P 101

Website https://www.festival.assated.com

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