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About FESTEF - Festival of TV ethnological films

I AM FESTEF - Festival of TV ethnological films

Guided by an idea that original programme of the “Homoljski motivi” festival should be enriched with something that can last and adapt accordingly through years of its existence, the organizers initiated the FESTEF – Festival of television ethnological film.

At the very beginning, the festival was part of the “Homolje motifs” programme with the participation of few domestic authors. Over time, the situation has changed for better. Throughout the years the number of authors and films had increased resulting in need to set the film festival as a special programme apart from “Homolje motifs” festival, and therefore to allow foreign authors to participate and compete as well as the national ones.

Continual growth and development of the FESTEF over the years have justified its existence. Moreover, with every new author, movie or TV report coming along the way, we are step ahead in preserving our material and intangible cultural heritage from disregard and oblivion. In the last couple of years, FESTEF programme attracted significant number of spectators, especially among the younger generation. It is also worth mentioning that several movies can be also seen on local televisions and many other similar event or festivals in Serbia.. .


Festival Team

Country: Serbia

Email festefkucevo@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +38112852466

Address : Trg Veljka Dugosevica 30

Website http://www.homoljskimotivikucevo.org/en/festef-en

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