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My name is Matt Check, and i'm currently a senior at Bloomfield College where I am majoring in 3D Animation. I have also been playing guitar, among other instruments, for 16 years. My goal has always been to be able to create a synergy between my music and my visual art, comics, and animation. Now that I'm finally beginning to do just that, my hope is to continue to learn and grow as an artist. My first animated short "Mammoth: Primal Thirst" is out now!‚Äč.

About Matt Check
I am: Matt Check
a film: Director & Writer & Music Composer & Anima....
Country: United States
Lives in: Fords
Birthdate: 6-2-1995
Email: CosmicComicsProductions@gmail.com
Phone Number : 732-379-2253
Address : 18 Parker Place
Awards & Achievements:

"Mammoth: Primal Thirst"



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