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The International Unseen Film Festival 'Social Films' from Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) is organized by Kultura, Communication y Desarrollo KCD NGOD; Organization dedicated to promoting a human, intercultural, equitable and sustainable development through Communication and Culture.
The International Unseen Film Festival 'Social Films' from Bilbao is an annual celebration dedicated to show a cinema full of diversity and social commitment, a cinema that is usually excluded from commercial screens.
The Festival is centered on four major themes: Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Interculturality and Gender Equity.
With its continuous work, it has become an indispensable appointment for all those interested in communication for development and social transformation.
The Festival is also a recognition of all people who make a communication that allows to reflect through their audiovisual works all those different causes and problems of humanity. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance without reservation of all the terms contained in these rules.ARTICIPATION
1. Any person or group of people is entitled to apply for the competition. Works can be presented by individuals or by groups, no matter their origin or nationality. Minors must have the corresponding authorization of a responsible adult. (Mother, father, tutoring).
2. Each person or group/collective may submit one or more works, provided they have the rights of authorship or distribution. The festival will not be held responsible for any infringements arising from this.
3. All the works recorded in digital format, fitting in any of the categories, are also entitled to take part in the competition.
 Thematic
 Visibility
 Social participation
Sustainable development: this section includes audiovisual works that analyze social, political, economic and environmental predatory development models and alternative proposals which can contribute to human wellbeing and sustainability.
Human rights: the struggle for respect, promotion and wide warranty of individual and collective human rights, fundamental freedoms and all those works that promote an opposition to the authoritarian, elitist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic political movements and any form of discrimination or those that denounce the causes of poverty and social exclusion.
Gender equity: to contribute to the construction of an egalitarian culture and perspective and generate tools for pro gender equity change in society, the works of this section shall provoke reflection about the realities of inequity between men and women, or propose models that promote alternatives to patriarchal system.
Interculturality: the works included in this section may reflect both issues related to the richness and diversity of cultures existing in the world, as issues related to the coexistence of cultures, or complaints of any form of racism, segregation, xenophobia, etc.

Participating works must be in Spanish or in Basque languages, original or subtitled. Those works that do not fulfill this requirement will be automatically discarded.
The festival has a great interest in screening films for audiences with sensory disabilities. Thus, those works subtitled for deaf and hearing-impaired people and/or have Audio Description system included, will be positively considered.

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Festival Team

Country: Spain

Email cineinvisible@kcd-ongd.org

Mobile Phone: 94 602 46 68

Address : Oficina - Beurko Viejo Pabellón 38- Ofi. 12 CP 48902 - Barakaldo - Bizkaia

Website http://www.kcd-ongd.org/edicion-2018

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