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About China International New Media Short Film Festival

I AM China International New Media Short Film Festival

Founded in 2010, China International New Media Short Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “CSFF”) is the only nationally-recognized international short film festival in China, which is hosted by National Radio and Television Administration and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Guangming District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality and Shenzhen Media Group. The mission and objectives of CSFF are to encourage the creation of outstanding new media short films across the globe, to seek and support young film and television talents, to incubate high-quality film and television creative projects, to promote the integrated development of Film & Television Industry and New Media Industry, and to enhance cultural communication, exchange, and cooperation internationally.

The 10th CSFF will be held from 2 December to 8 December 2019 in Shenzhen. Major events of the CSFF include Opening Ceremony, KingBonn Awards Selection, CSFF Outdoor Short Film Screening Carnival, International Short Film Screenings, Short Film Market, College Day and Open Forum.

During the CSFF, The KingBonn Awards (Short Film Director Supporting Program) is an important competition of CSFF which aims to discover talents and support the creation of young directors. The Awards are divided into three units: main competition, college student competition and women shorts competition. For each unit, drama, animation and documentary short films will be selected. Shortlisted directors of the program will have an opportunity to raise supporting funds from the CSFF Organizing Committee for their next film project, to sign collaborative contracts in the CSFF Short Film Market, and to gain access to other international resources.. .


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