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Maciej Jarczyński's Biography

Maciej Jarczyński graduated from two art academies in Gdansk: The Academy of Fine Arts, and The Academy of Music. He pursued postgraduate studies from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Currently, he is a doctoral student at Gdansk University. As a musician and an artist, he has been building interest in art correspondence problems, creating short film forms, and composing original music for his films..

About Maciej Jarczyński
I am: Maciej Jarczyński
a film: Director
Country: Poland
Lives in: Gdańsk
Birthdate: 10-1-1987
Email: maciej.jarczynski@wp.pl
Phone Number : 513488948
Address : ul.Bema 14/7
Awards & Achievements:

- “Hugon: the portraitists of the invisible world”, 2014
- “The portrait”, 2014
- “85625”, 2014
- “The choir”, 2015
- “Mateusz I jego Kropki”, 2015
- “The Breath”, 2015
- "More than singing"



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