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About Benin City Film Festival

I AM Benin City Film Festival

The Benin City Film Festival was launched in 2018 it is a new entity that offers a platform encouraging and promoting the works of local film community and National, International emerging filmmakers to showcase their work in an environment where they have access to experienced industry professionals, We provide workshops. Training programmes and screen Independent films from new emerging film makers nationally and internationally throughout the four day festival event every year. At least 25% of our festival schedule is dedicated to foreign films, which broadens the film culture experience to all who attend the screenings in Benin City during the festivals duration,

The Benin City Film Festival is a team of people who work effortlessly to deliver a quality service to emerging filmmakers. We will give festival contributors access to some of the Industries most prolific names, both nationally and internationally.

The primary objective of the Festival is to attract audiences from all over Nigeria, from around the world to come to Benin City to watch quality films that emphasize human rights and social issues.

The secondary objective is to ensure that the international film directors attend the festival and participate in discussions about their work and about the art of filmmaker, and that they are given the opportunity to see what the State has to offer, in the hope that they will return to make films there.

The third objective is to provide a sustainable long-term tourism event in Edo State.

The fourth objective is to encourage local people and international visitors who attend the festival to engage in the creative film-making process by participating in seminars, events and workshops running in parallel to the festival screenings.
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Festival Team

Country: Nigeria

Email info@bcff.org.ng

Mobile Phone: 07062368543

Address : 27a, Eguadase Street Edo State. Nigeria

Website https://www.bcff.org.ng

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