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Salvatore Tuccio's Biography

My name is Salvatore Tuccio, in art Aethus, and since the beginning of my work of reporter and video movie maker I tried to underline the emotions and motivations of the situation I was representing. .

About Salvatore Tuccio
I am: Salvatore Tuccio
a film: Director & Editor
Country: Italy
Lives in: Linosa
Birthdate: 20-7-1978
Email: pelagos@hotmail.com
Phone Number : +393332531316
Address : via re umberto 5
Awards & Achievements:

Recently I am involved in the creation and editing of wedding videos, and web formats. My activities, initially dedicated to the migration flows, are more and more diversified with the realization of short films, commercials and events both touristic and environmental. I worked and I’m collaborating with various newspapers and televisions, not only providing audiovisual material, but also in the stages of production and postproduction. I have experience in film as assistant director, production assistant and location manager.



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